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KNL Team 2011 Atlantics

 Karate NL Team 2011 wins 18 medals at Atlantic Karate Championships (Bridgewater, NS)

 Saturday 05 February in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Karate NL Team of 13 competitors won 18 medals in Team Kata, individual Kata and Kumite (fighting).  Kata is a traditional series of fighting techniques incorporated into a pre-arranged performance by the individual as he/she visualizes fighting multiple attackers.  Team kata requires a team of 3 to synchronize their performance of the same kata.  Kumite is sport fighting where free style movement and techniques are used against a real opponent in the ring with referees and judges.  Each event has divisions - Novice, Intermediate and Advanced – these are further divided by age categories.  Karate NL Team  members all competed in the “Advanced” categories.

Team: Front L-R: Lucas Menard, Christopher Coady, Devon Fitzpatrick, Tyler Burton, Samantha Au, Mackenzie Lawlor, Alberta Hansen; Rear L-R: Wing Au (coach), Sarah Gosse, Andrew Au, Kevin Gosse, Alex Lawlor, Joshua Coady, John Stamp, Derek Ryan (referee), Kim Fitzpatrick (coach).

The team members represented NL with pride, dignity and great sportsmanship.  In addition to competing as representatives of NL, they also trained in a special 3 hr session with the Nova Scotia provincial team.  The students were well behaved, enthusiastic and performed with dedication and commitment.  Whether a medal winner or not, every member gave his/her best and NL Karate Union are proud of them all. 

NL Karate Union thanks Coaches Wing Au & Kim Fitzpatrick and their volunteers for a job well done.  As well we thank the Sport Div of the Dept of Tourism-Culture-Recreation and Sport NL for their support of such valuable opportunities for our young athletes.

 Listed below is a summary of the results.

Atlantic Karate Championships 2011 Bridgewater, Nova Scotia: Results for Karate NL Team 2011

Kata Advanced Level               10 & 11yrs        Male     Silver- Christopher Coady
                                                                                  Bronze- Devon Fitzpatrick
                                                                      Female Gold- Samantha Au

Kata Advanced Level               12 & 13            Male     Gold- Andrew Au
                                                                      Female Bronze- Mackenzie Lawlor
                                                                                  Competed- Alberta Hansen

Kata Advanced Level               14 & 15            Male    Silver- Alex Lawlor

Kata Advanced Level               16 & 17            Male    Bronze- John Stamp

Kata Advanced Level               18 +                 Female Bronze- Sarah Gosse

Team Kata                               12yrs & under   Mixed  Gold- Andrew Au, Samantha Au, Mackenzie Lawlor.
                                                                                 Silver- Devon Fitzpatrick, Lucas Menard, Tyler Burton

Team Kata                               13 & 17yrs       Mixed   Bronze- Kevin Gosse, Joshua Coady, John Stamp

Kumite Advanced Level          10 & 11yrs        Female Gold- Samantha Au

Kumite Advanced Level          11 & 12yrs        Male     Gold- Christopher Coady
                                                                                  Silver- Tyler Burton

Kumite Advanced Level          12 & 13yrs        Female Bronze- Mackenzie Lawlor
                                                                                 Competed- Alberta Hansen 

Kumite Advanced Level          14 & 15yrs        Male    Silver- Kevin Gosse

Kumite dvanced Level            16 & 17yrs        Male    Silver- Joshua Coady
                                                                                 Bronze- John Stamp

Kumite Advanced Level          18 +                  Female Competed- Sarah Gosse

Total Medals Earned 18

Prepared & submitted by  Derek J. Ryan, President NL Karate Union