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Team 2009-2010

L-R: Wing Au (Coach), John Stamp, Joshua Coady, Alex Lawlor.

Profile of Karate NL Competitor John Stamp

John Stamp is returning for his second year on the national competitive scene.   He represented Karate NL at last year’s Canadian National Championships in Calgary, Alberta.  Although he did not medal in his divisions, he did offer a strong challenge to his opponents and represented his team and province very well.  He is a member of Avalon Karate club under sensei Derek J. Ryan in Pouch, NL.  John is a strong and committed Chito Ryu karate-ka and he has very successfully competed at the provincial and regional levels.  At 16 years of age he is the veteran of the developing Karate NL team. He is a dedicated karate-ka who strives to improve and is willing to accept the challenges required to succeed.  Under the guidance of Chief Coach Wing Au, John continues to work hard to offer his best as a competitor and representative of Karate NL.  John proved his quality at the 2009 Nationals. Karate NL is proud to have John Stamp once again represent the province of Newfoundland & Labrador at the Canadian National Championships 20109 in Toronto, Ontario.


Profile of Karate NL Competitor Joshua Coady

Joshua Coady is a first year competitor at the Karate Canada Nationals.   This is also his first year as a provincial Karate NL team member.  Joshua trains at the Avalon Karate dojo under Sensei Derek J. Ryan in Pouch Cove, NL.  He is an enthusiastic Chito Ryu karate-ka who has enjoyed success provincially and is eager to test his wings at the Canadian Nationals 2010.  A hard-working and conscientious student in both school and in karate, Joshua has qualities and strengths which will certainly serve him well in the pursuit of his goals. Coach Wing Au is encouraged by Joshua’s determination and dedication to his training.   Karate NL is proud to have Joshua Coady represent the province of Newfoundland & Labrador at the Canadian National Championships 2010 in Toronto, Ontario.

 Profile of Karate NL Competitor Alex Lawlor

 Alex Lawlor is a young competitor who at 14 years of age has already had competitive experience at the local, provincial and national levels.  He is a regular competitor at provincial tournaments and typically performs very well.  Nationally he has represented NL in the past four Tsuruoka Karate Nationals (PEI, NB, BC and NL).  Alex is intelligent, hard-working and dedicated.  He has proven himself at school by maintaining a straight A average.  He continues to demonstrate his quality and character by the manner in which he trains and competes as member of Paradise Tsuruoka Karate club under Sense Wing Au.  As both his sensei and his coach, NL provincial coach Wing Au is proud to have Alex Lawlor as member of the Karate NL Team 2010.  Karate NL is equally pleased to have him represent the province at the Canadian National Championships 2010 in Toronto, Ontario.