Karate NL Provincial Team

  • Minimum age by date of "Canadian Nationals" is 14 yrs.
  • Male or Female
  • Minimum rank "Green belt" (KNL Coach may require more experience)
  • Agree to the "Training & Competition Requirements" as outlined by KNL Coach.
  • Demonstrate an adequate level of karate skill and ability so as to safely and competitively participate at the national level.
  • Abide by the NKA and KNL Code of Athlete Behaviour - ex. sportsmanship, ethics, respect, punctuality, commitment. 
  • Financial commitment: *agree to cover related costs to training and competing, *pay $150 deposit prior to final team selection.
  • Member in good standing with Karate NL.
Team Selection:
  • National Karate Association Championships regulations restrict the number of athletes per event and division.  Divisions are further defined with considerations of age, weight and gender.  The number of openings for the KNL Provincial Team is limited by the NKA regulations.
  • Interest, skill, commitment, dedication and progress are important factors.
  • Financial commitment is significant; some funding is available but the  majority of the expenses are borne by the athletes. 
  • Point system based on performance and placing in tournaments (regional, provincial and past nationals).
  • KNL Coach makes the final selection of KNL Team Members.
  • Selection is usually finalized by the Winter of the training year.
KNL Provincial Coaching Staff: Head Coach is Mr. Wing Au. 
Assistant coaches include Mr. Derek J. Ryan and Mr. Justin Dunphy.

For more information see the attached file below.