Hall Of Fame KNL "draft"

16 APRIL 2015:  "UNDER CONSTRUCTION"  *this is a draft document still being developed.

The following are significant individuals who contributed to the development of the Karate Newfoundland & Labrador provincial association since its formal beginnings in 1993:
  • Mr. Robert Bennett (Corner Brook)
  • Mr. Derek J Ryan (St. John's)
  • Mr. Wing Au (CBS)
  • Mr. Ed Lannon (St. John's)
  • Mr. Bernard Noseworthy (Corner Brook)
  • Mr. Neil Hicks (St. John's)
Other significant pioneers prior to and some continuing thereafter 1993 would include:
  • Mr. Dennis Mandeville
  • Mr. Joe Gillies
  • Dr. David Bell
  • ...
.... .